Fishing Stories

Nothing beats sitting around with some friends and telling your fish tales as you enjoy an ice cold Sailfish beer.  Whether it is the story of the day you landed your first billfish, or the time you and your buddies were on the water for 12 hours without a single bite and still managed to have a great time, we want to hear it!
Send us your fish stories and you have a chance to get it posted here!  Email us at, and put My Fishing Story in the subject line.  Cannot wait to hear the tales!

"One Sunday morning I get a call from my friend John who’s out at 10a buoy.  He calls to tell me that cobia are crashing the bait fish around the buoy and I better get my butt out there before it’s too late.  He tells me he had one on but lost it at the boat.  So I wake up the boys and load the boat as we had nothing else planned that day.  We head out to launch out of Fort Pierce.  As we are getting close to the buoy, I see John’ boat with his step son on the bow pitching baits toward the buoy.  As we did not have time to get any live bait, I grabbed a frozen mullet out of the cooler and hooked it through the lips to toss out.  My younger boy, Jonny, grabs the rod and blind tosses it toward a bait pod and starts slowly realing it in.  I immediately see 2 cobia trailing it and tell Jonny to stop realing and let the bait drift.  As soon as he stopped realing, one of the fish slams the bait.  I could not believe how quickly we had hooked up and I could tell my buddy John had the same feeling.  After a quick fight, my older boy, Drew, grabs the gaff and pulls the fish on-board.  I glance over to my friend’s boat and they can’t believe their eyes and I can’t help but think he regretted making that phone call to me.  Anyway, he was sport enough to take this great picture of us after the fight and email it to me that evening.  The strange thing I noticed while cleaning the fish, there was a gaff mark on its side.  I could only think that this may have been the same fish my friend had lost earlier that morning."